C&C KIDS is a local nonprofit that operates multiple programs for school age children.


C&C KIDS Afterschool Program at Jefferson Elementary school

Pacific Northwest Discovery Academy

C&C KIDS at Camp David Jr.



C&C KIDS Afterschool Program is operating out of JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Port Angeles WA. This program is for Children ages 5( attending Kindergarten)-12 yrs.  

We are open daily after school during the school calendar and operate from 7:30am-5:30pm during winter/spring and summer breaks. 

We have facilitated after school, winter/spring/summer day and summer overnight camp programs within Port Angeles School District for over 10 years. 


C&C KIDS at Camp David is our overnight summer camp program at Camp David Jr. on Lake Crescent and is held during the month of July.  C&C at Camp David is for ages 7-14 years old.  ( please see C&C Camp Menu for more info about our program at Camp David)

Pacific Northwest Discovery Academy is a program within C&C KIDS. PAC WEST operates at 211 North Race Street, Pt. Angeles WA and is a school age program for families that have not chosen the public school path. For more info on this program please email us at info@pacwestdiscoveryacademy.org.


C&C KIDS Afterschool Enrichment Program at Jefferson

CEO: Chrissy Kelly

Program director: Elizabeth Rule

C&C KIDS is a WA state licensed program.  We accept private, DSHS, tribal, and military subsidy payments.   

PROVIDER# 203178

On site Cell phone (on during business hours)


C&C office is located within our partner agency, Comfort and Cozy. We are not affiliated with the school, please contact us personally for questions or concerns.

Please call 360-457-6277 for more info, you can also email us at comfortandcozy@hotmail.com or lizzyrulecandc@outlook.com

***If you are interested in our programs please read the C&C handbook and complete our required forms. They are listed under the tab Comfort and Cozy Childcare, Registration, forms and handbooks


Simply put, our primary goal is to provide C&C kids with a happy, healthy and rewarding experience in a safe environment. A child’s program experience plays a very important role in his or her growth and development. C&C kids will gain self-esteem and self-confidence, learn from new experiences, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Fun holiday celebrations!

Afterschool Program summary: Free snack after school along with homework assistance and enriching activities.  Children have outdoor and indoor free time, allowing them to get their wiggles out after a long day in the classroom.  Children are offered activities ranging from arts and crafts, science and math projects, drama, music, storytelling, and science lessons.    


Healthy after school snacks!

Winter/Spring/Summer Day Camp summary: Our seasonal camps provide children with unique experiences that help them to grow, learn, have fun, and build lasting relationships. At C&C we foster the values of sharing, integrity, responsibility, and respect. Each season our campers embark upon a journey that develops a greater sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. When camp ends, they will leave with new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  Children will have daily adventures that take them throughout our local community.  They will learn how to become community members and what it feels like to impact others within it.  Children are offered activities ranging from arts and crafts, science and math projects, drama, music, storytelling, and science lessons.    

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, or gender expression. All children are welcome and included in all of our programs.


Our Program director is Elizabeth Rule.  Teacher Lizzy has been at our center for 7 years.  She has been teaching in Early Childhood Education for over 18 years and hold her Associates of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education. Teacher Lizzy is full of creativity and exciting adventures.  She is vibrant, kind, patient and dedicated to the children she serves.  Teacher Lizzy loves the outdoors and all if has to offer.  She believes in child directed learning and offers a variety of techniques in the classroom. 


Tim Acheson is our superman hero!!! Tim is our more than part time on call go to guy for almost every day! Tim currently is a substitute para for the PASD but spends his extra time at C&C. Tim enjoys playing games, being outside and overall just being with the kids. He has a unique approach and wants to ensure each child has a voice and an opportunity to be heard. Tim has completed over 30 credits of Early Childhood Education and is looking forward to another season with us.


We also have 4 seasonal staff that work with our program. These staff have all WA state licensing requirements and are dedicated to the success of our children. They are outgoing, active members of our team and love spending time at C&C.







Pacific Northwest Discovery Academy (PAC WEST) is a school age academic program within a Washington State Licensed Childcare facility. PAC WEST is a program for school age children whose parents have chosen an alternative to public school for their child/children’s education.   

PAC WEST will support OSPI benchmarks for student learning and is using a certified curriculum.  Students will attend daily and be given a safe, consistent assisted classroom environment to complete their studies.  Classroom teachers are certified and prepared to support families throughout this process.  PAC WEST will also provide additional enrichment programs that students will participate in alongside their academic learning.  Teachers will provide additional daily classes such as music, art, drama, cultural studies, human and social relations, physical education and nutrition, home economics, engineering, robotics, American Sign language, and a variety of other subjects.

We feel that PAC WEST is an opportunity to educate the whole child. We feel that students should learn in a positive school climate that offers long-term, secure relationships that support academic, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.   We support outdoor learning and exploration along with academics and a diverse learning environment.  Students will have opportunities to expand their learning styles and develop social emotional skills to better communicate with one another and the community.  PAC WEST teachers believe and support each student as a human being in full, and do not limit the scope of their education to only a narrow focus on core subject areas.

Classroom ratios; 20 students, 2 teachers.  PAC WEST will be following all Department of Child and Family Services, CDC and WA State Health Department COVID19 guidelines and recommendations.  All teachers and assistants will have DCYF background clearance and will have completed a program orientation and state licensed required training.

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