Dear Camp Families

We are happy to say C&C Camp at Camp David Jr is open this summer!  

Camp will be back in Full Capacity this summer!!

How will things look?

  • Three Full Week options for campers ages 9-14yrs
  • Two Mini camp options during week 2 for campers ages 7-8yrs

Fee increase

You may notice a fee increase this summer. As we are all aware the prices of things have increased. Our rental costs with the county increased significantly this season as have food and operational costs. We prides ourselves on being driven by volunteers. Our staff are all volunteers and 100% of camper registration money goes towards camp operations and expenses.

C&C KIDS Camp is a camp program hosted at Camp David Jr. Located on beautiful Lake Crescent in the shadows of the Olympic Mountains, Camp David Jr offers a truly unique experience. Throughout the week, campers will enjoy the outdoors, learn new skills, and discover talents. They’ll be encouraged to push their comfort zones, meet new and potentially life-long friends, and try things they’d never thought of trying. But above all, they’re going to have fun.

Our mission is to provide lifelong memories for campers and provide them with outdoor experiences that increase social and emotional growth and physical health. We hope that campers can become lifelong nature lovers as well as grasping the concept of having fun without technology, embracing face to face social interaction

Camp David Jr. in Clallam County is a unique environment. The facilities include a beautiful main lodge with historical elk horn chandeliers and paintings and a large fireplace. There are nine sleeping cabins, 2 docks and a swimming area with 3 roped areas. There is a fishing dock, canoe/boat launch, and 2 large grass playfields. Free from screens and wifi, campers will be submerged in nature and outdoor elements.
Surrounded by history and nature they will have activities such as plant and animal identification, archery, fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, woodworking, outdoor survival, habitat restoration, outdoor cooking, pottery, music, drama, martial arts, yoga, low ropes/challenge courses and more.

Campers will have the experience of nature by sleeping in cabins where they form friendships and develop leadership amongst their peers.

We feel that our volunteer-based program is the root of our success. Our volunteers were almost all campers themselves. Success to us is seeing young campers learning about nature, learning new outdoor activities and learning to
love the outdoors. Our goal is that campers will encourage their families to also love nature and be involved in the outdoors more after their time with us at camp. Campers grow into counselors that strive to provide memories and experiences for younger campers within the program. Approximately 90% of our staff all attended camp themselves as children. Campers turn into adults that have a new
appreciation for the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Campers learn how to socialize and communicate with each other without a screen. Camp is a tech free zone, campers enter camp often struggling to communicate with one another. They are often shy and isolate themselves. After a couple days we see them reach out of their comfort zones, talking and laughing with each other. We see them try new things, activities that they may have never attempted before. Embracing the beauty of silliness and laughter, common traits and new ones too! It becomes a beautiful mixture of camp family that each camper takes home with them.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, or gender expression. All children are welcome and included within all of our programs.


July 9-14th Full week ages 9-14 yrs of age

July 16-21st Full week ages 9-14 yrs of age

July 16-18 Mini Camp ages 7-8

July 18-20th Mini Camp ages 7-8

July 23-28 Full week ages 9-14 yrs of age


Camp for 9-14yrs is $325 per camper

Mini camp is $175 per camper.

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